Online Reseller Program

Get 20% Commission Instantly!

Sell ClouFON credits and make your own profits.
Register and sell immediately.
Surprise your customers with a new product and take advantage of our know-how.
Your clients can simply use our FREE ClouFON App.
Check end user product at
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Due to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25.05.2018, we have adapted our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy .

Your Benefits

20% instant commission.
Get full commission if the customer recharge the account.
Online commission and credit control.
Easy and user-friendly web based sales panel.
No contract, no minimum fee, no setup fees.
The commission will be credited to your account immediately.

Your customers do not need an additional SIM card. Regardless the customer use a mobile phone with contract or prepaid cell phone. ClouFON provides an inexpensive addition to the regular mobile operator without affecting an existing mobile phone contract. To use ClouFON the smartphone must be connected only to the internet.
No matter where your customers reside in the world. With the ClouFON App the credit is available worldwide.
By using a local access number or ClouFON App no PIN codes are required.